Nineties Berlin takes visitors back to the period after the fall of the Berlin Wall and gives them an idea of the fast-paced changes and upheaval that took place in the formerly divided city during the 90s. The exhibition has a diverse range of entertaining features and is perfect for groups with varying degrees of knowledge.

Nineties Berlin for School Groups

The multimedia edutainment exhibition takes your students on a youth-oriented journey through time and teaches them about social upheaval through interviews with contemporary witnesses and themes such as techno, LoveParade, Club culture and subcultures.

The exhibition helps visitors develop the core cross-disciplinary skills required to achieve an understanding of social reality. Contemporary witnesses report on the Peaceful Revolution, the reappraisal of the Socialist unity party dictatorship in its early stages, the use of free zones, and the development of culture in Berlin. The exhibition explains how German society came to be and answers the question as to how Berlin developed into what it is today: a political hub, a dynamic party city and a playing field for subcultures.
The mobile phone is part of the exhibition concept, functioning as a guide bot and providing detailed information, which deliberately appeals to media-savvy students and actively encourages the development of mindful media skills.

Advantages for School Groups

  1. Entertaining exhibition
  2. Ideal for students to visit independently
  3. guided tours on request
  4. no reservation necessary
  5. Reduced admission for students  € 4.50 per person
  6. Free admission for one teacher per every 10 students

Admission fee for school groups (10 or more students): € 4.50 per person

These conditions apply to national and international schoolchildren, students, and vocational students. The school group admission fee can only be granted upon presentation of the relevant identification.

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Janine Henschel
+49 30/ 847 123 732

Kai-Uwe Kohlschmidt
People tend to think that everything around them is static and unchanging, that people are too insignificant and can’t do anything. But, actually, everything is possible.
Kai-Uwe Kohlschmidt, back then punk rocker, born in East Germany

Group benefits (10 or more people)

  1. Located in the historic center of Berlin
  2. Describes Berlin in an entertaining way
  3. guided tours on request
  4. Long opening hours
  5. no reservation necessary
  6. Inexpensive group price: € 7.90
  7. Groups of up to 50 people at the same time accepted
  8. Parking for travel buses in front of the entrance (embarking and disembarking)

Admission fee for groups (10 or more people): € 7.90 per person

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Janine Henschel
+49 30/ 847 123 732

Nineties Berlin for resellers

Resellers receive special terms and conditions for Nineties Berlin. Mr. Klötzke would be happy to discuss them with you in person. Just call us or send us an e-mail to!