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Nineties Berlin
Molkenmarkt 2
10179 Berlin-Mitte

Opening Hours TILL 28.12.

Daily from 10:00 a.m. To 8 p.m.
Open on Mondays and holidays

Special: summer Tickets

online ticket Adults: € 8.90 
online ticket reduced price: € 5.40

ticket cash desk adults: € 9.80
ticket cash desk reduced price: € 6.00

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school classes & groups

Special conditions are available for school classes and other groups visiting Nineties Berlin.

exhibition themes

What is Nineties Berlin about and what will you experience? 

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Loud neon, grinning smilies, booming techno - the 90s were colorful, free and unique. Those who want to refresh their own memories find all the icons and symbols of this special decade at the shop. Some are well-known, some will be suprising...