in cooperation with Berlin's street style experts from overkill nineties berlin presents the "sneakers of the nineties". from private collections, overkill's curators brought together more than 150 shoe models that exemplify the fashion and trends of the 90s and now enjoy cult status.

In the German sneaker history, the 1990s are an important time. On the one hand, sneaker models were launched on the market that still shape the brands today. Over the course of time, these sneakers were reinterpreted in different colors or with other materials. On the other hand, a completely new market opened up for the companies in East Germany after the fall of the Wall in November 1989.

overkill is a child of the pulsating berlin graffiti scene of the nineties and gave it a mouthpiece with the eponymous print magazine "overkill" for the first time in 1992. nowadays, they offer the largest sneaker selection in their berlin stores, curate exhibitions, and organize concerts as well as art events. For many years overkill has also worked with well-known brands such as adidas, asics or reebok to develop new sneaker designs.

you can see the temporary exhibition until june 23, 2019.

pictures by: OVERKILL, berlin 2019