With the adidas consortium zx 10,000 c "i can if i want" overkill has not only fulfilled a long-awaited dream, but they are also the ones who continue the popular zx series.

the latest model is a tribute to its predecessors: the colors are composed of the iconic models of the four-digit zx series from the 90s. that's why there is an additional, third sneaker in different colors.

such an important release has to be celebrated appropriately. we were happy when team overkill wanted to work with nineties berlin again. since autumn 2018, we had developed the first special exhibition "sneakers of the nineties" together, which opened on january 18, 2019 and can still be seen at nineties berlin until june 23, 2019.

The release of the zx 10,000 "i can if i want" had already attracted a lot of attention in advance. many sneaker fans from all over the world took a long way and some waited more than 24 hours for the beginning of the event. At the end, almost 600 zx lovers gathered in the rooms of nineties berlin and enjoyed an exciting evening.

a special highlight: just for the event, charles lovett and george griffin, two of the three designers of the zx 10,000 c, came to berlin. the star guest of the evening, however, was none other than Jacques Chassaing – designer and creator of the adidas zx series and thus the hero of most zx lovers.

Overkill used our multimedia installations for a varied program: on the 270-degree video screen in "berlin island", a film, which was specially created for the release, featured footage from a visit to the adidas headquarters in herzogenaurach as well as excerpts from the interviews that were filmed there.
one could carefully listen to the full interviews in the room "berlin heads". the 14 video columns which usually show interviews with berlin contemporaries from the nineties now featured interviews with marc leuschner (ceo of overkill), jacques chassaing, george griffin, charles lovett and aurelien longo, the third designer of the zx 10,000. The other screens showed old catalog pictures and advertisements of the adidas zx.

later in the evening dj jns from the overkill sound system provided the right music.

the event will definitely stay in the memory of countless sneaker lovers or collectors for a long time.

We were happy to have been part of this exciting project and would like to thank overkill for the very good cooperation.

The shoes were all sold that day, but there is still a lot of merchandise in overkill's online shop.

Copyright bilder: OVERKILL, Berlin 2019