the european museum forum (emf), which has been awarding the most prestigious european museum award every year since 1977 and awards museums for new, courageous and innovative exhibition concepts, nominates nineties berlin for the european museum of the year award 2020.

among the many museums that apply for the prize each year, the emf jury is looking for institutions that have proven themselves in the european museum scene through their high content and design quality, new technologies, unusual approaches and ideas. In addition, relevance to the public also plays a decisive role. Judges of the jury are looking for museums whose work is expected to have a significant impact on the national and international museum scene.

The European Museum of the Year Award goes to an institution that succeeds in addressing different target groups and in presenting a creative concept in a unique atmosphere, without neglecting education and social responsibility. the previous winners included both, large and small museums. These institutions are characterized by special developments, which influence and change the quality standards in European museums.

Here is the list of past winners.

the whole team of nineties berlin is extremely excited about the nomination for the coming year. We are proud and at the same time honored to be listed in a row with the most exciting and courageous museums in Europe.

cross your fingers! We will keep you up to date.