The first week of Nineties Berlin is almost over and we are happy about the diverse praise and your opinions. The press has also been busy talking about us over the past few days.

Jürgen Laarmann, a friend of nineties berlin and co-founder of the legendary magazine for techno music and culture "frontpage", spoke in an interview about nineties berlin and his new podcast.

at "1000 Tage Techno" he meets companions, friends and also former competitors as well as representatives of the next generation.

they talk about the beginnings of the techno movement, the best stories, talk about how Techno became, what it was and is today, uncover little-known correlations and also reveal the latest techno secrets.

the podcast series started with a double feature on August 10, 2018. The podcast is only available in German.

Episode 1: dr. motte (founder of the loveparade) meets martin hüttmann (founder of the zug der Liebe – formerly hate/fuck-parade) and jens schwan (press secretary of the zug der Liebe)

episode 2: the scene member and one of the wildest after hour partymen hardy hard aka hardsequencer

After that there will be a new episode every two weeks.