Four out of five Berliners associate their city with freedom. Internationally, the German capital stands for individuality, cosmopolitanism, and innovation. Since early 2017, be Berlin has been giving this very special Berlin feeling many voices. With the #FreiheitBerlin initiative, the capital city campaign is setting an example for freedom. be Berlin invites all people to share their personal messages of freedom in the form of pictures, stories, videos, and quotes with the world.

the campaign #FreiheitBerlin becomes an art installation – made by Street Artists and creative heads from Berlin and the whole world: Marcus Haas, Zofia Hanna Bogucka, Türkhan Emrah Tümer, Ana Torralba Loyo and Ekaterina Koroleva are part of this international art project #FREIHEITBERLIN as well as well-known Street artists such as DIXONS, KLEBEBANDE, AKTE ONE & CREN, CASE MACLAIM, EL BOCHO, NOTES OF BERLIN, GOGOPLATA, AMIGO and DANIELA UHLIG & STEREOHEAT.

now you can see the art installation at the courtyard of the Alte Münze before or after your visit of nineties berlin.