For the 39th long night of museums on August 31, 2019, we opened our doors again between 6 pm and 2 am and prepared an exciting program in addition to the permanent exhibition and the current special exhibition "30 years of loveparade".

nineties berlin dedicated this night to the loveparade, which celebrates its 30th birthday in 2019. Therefore, we were happy (and still are) that we won dr. motte, the father of the loveparade, for our exclusive program – from selfies and autographs to guided tours together with nineties berlin curator michael geithner through the special exhibition to a unique set inside the exhibition – thank you very much for being there, dr. motte, and for entertaining us in this hot long night.

a big thank you goes to druckbarwedding, which printed highly limited t-shirts with brand new loveparade motifs throughout the entire night, bringing their screenprinting equipment from the beautiful berlin-wedding district to our exhibition in berlin-mitte.

a special highlight was the digital exhibition with photos of loveparade participants from 1996 from the portrait book "portrait of a generation" by the internationally known photographer alfred steffen on the 286 sm panorama screen. Thank you for providing us with your unique pictures both for the special exhibition "30 years of loveparade" and for this year's long night, as well as for your reports on your creative work on the loveparade in that night.

The time just flew by. the second long night at nineties berlin ended with the sounds of dj gggeis' music. it was great having all of you there. we are looking forward to 2020 <3

Here you find further pictures of that night.