in the room of the exhibition, where visitors can find original wall elements, a large 270 degree aerial photo of berlin was installed a couple of days ago. the 43 x 3-meter map contains a total of 36 texts on political, social and structural changes in berlin in the 90s that are linked to exemplary locations on the map.

to not overload the installation with text, we have packed further information into our innovative guide bot: on any smartphone or tablet, you can read these by entering the bot number using the free wlan. every visitor decides which topics and places he or she would like to get more information about.

the texts on the aerial picture, on which the border between the east and west is visually highlighted, deal with various topics: the failed fusion of berlin and brandenburg in 1996, the cooperation between the east and west berlin police until october 1990, the Allied withdrawal and gentrification are treated, as are the failed olympic bid, economic stagnation, the jewish community, the illegal cigarette trade, urban renewal and 27 other issues that were relevant in berlin in the 1990s and that still have some relevance today. nineties berlin offers visitors the opportunity to find out more about Berlin's history after the fall of the Berlin Wall.