For the 30th anniversary of the mass phenomenon, the inventor of the LoveParade Dr. Motte gives personal insights into the extraordinary history of the Berlin parades in cooperation with the nineties berlin curator Michael Geithner. The curators show that the idea of ​​uniting all people in diversity with electronic music is still present in Berlin today. The special exhibition will be part of the permanent exhibition nineties berlin until December 31, 2019. the entrance to the special exhibition is included in the ticket to the permanent exhibition.

On July 1, 1989, a group of 150 people danced to Acid House on West Berlin's Kurfürstendamm. The LoveParade was born and the number of participants reached its peak in 1999: "At the first LoveParade we did what we wanted to do. We danced to electronic music for a better world. That's why 1.5 million people came together in Berlin 10 years later. I think we have shaped a special time and generation with it", says Dr. Motte. Over the years, however, the Problems had grown. In 2001, the event was denied status as a demonstration and its funding became increasingly difficult. Finally, the rights to the brand „LoveParade" were sold.

As part of the Long Night of Museums on August 31, 2019, nineties berlin is dedicating the entire program to the LoveParade. In addition to curator tours through the special exhibition, visitors can create their own LoveParade shirt with DruckbarWedding and take a souvenir photo with Dr. Motte himself. The well-known photographer Alfred Steffen presents his portraits of LoveParade participants from 1996 in an exclusive photo exhibition on the panoramic screen. A special highlight: Dr. Motte will play a DJ set in the exhibition this evening.